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Green Apple




Magic Mocha

Our Range of Popping Bobas:

Strawberry                            Orange                                    Lychee                                   Yogurt

Passion Fruit                        Mango                                   Blueberry                                Raspberry

     Kiwi                              Green Apple                           Pomegranate                       Honeydew Melon


What toppings


Our Meito Bubble Tea offers you a variety of toppings. You can choose between Tapioca Pearls, countless Popping Bobas and Natate/Jellys. With the addition of these toppings is your Meito Bubble Tea the only true taste sensation! Come and convince yourself!

6- Enjoy

The never ending Drink Experiment
Over 6.6 million different combinations

Average of each 40Kcal/100 ml 

How Bubble Tea is
also named?

Among the names like Pearl Tea, Bubble Milk Tea or Pearl Milk Tea, the new beverage is known around the world. Now spread “Meito – Your Bubble Tea Store"

3- Temperature

Our Best Seller - Frapp or Frappé

A meito Frappé cools you down during a hot summer day. The tea and syrup are mixed with ice cubes in a blender until its gets its slightly creamy consistence.

Cold - with or without Ice

Cold Tea offers the perfect alternative for those looking for a cool refreshment. The tea and syrup is shaken and served with ice cubes.

Hot – Heartwarming in the winter

For those who like it hot and warm around the heart! Freshly brewed and lowered to a drinkable temperature, this tea warms your heart from the inside; the perfect meito for cold and rainy days! 

Choose your Bubble Tea Toppings:


“It´s crazy, it´s delicious, it´s just a delight and the combinations are limitless, making this the BEST FUN DRINK ever!”


                                                                TRY IT AND YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Meito Bubble Tea averages less than 40 kcal/100 ml! That´s less than a glass of Orange Juice!

Let´s design your own meito Bubble Tea:

2- Size

Short                                            Tall


5- Toppings

Make it your style by Tapioca pearls, Popping Boba’s and Jelly:

- Tapioca is a starch extracted from cassava root. It is now cultivated worldwide. Tapioca is one of the purest forms of starch food, predominantly consists of carbohydrates, it is low in saturated fat, protein and sodium.

- Jellies Contrary to popular belief these are not made out of gelatin. They are actually made out of coconut water. Jellies are a great way to change the flavor of your favorite drink and create a different element.

- Popping boba is a type of boba used in bubble tea. Unlike traditional boba, which is tapioca-based,  has a thin, vegeterian gelatin gel-like skin with juice inside that bursts when squeezed. The ingredients generally consist of water, sugar, fruit juice or other flavors.

Not all toppings will be available at all stores. Toppings may vary by region and country. 

How a Bubble Tea is

Your Bubble Tea is made up of three components. You can choose between three types of tea (Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, Black Milk Tea). Next we mix the flavor of your choice . Finally, you decide to use a topping, and you can start to Bubble! 

4- Flavor

Choose between 24 flavor, and mix up to 3 flavors
Not all flavors will be available at all stores. Flavors may vary by region and country.


Passion Fruit



Star Fruit


Not all toppings & Flavors will be available at all stores. They may vary by region and country. 

The 6 Steps of Bubble Tea Choose your...

1- Tea Base

Black Milk Tea

The classic one… Best Earl Grey Tea mixed with fresh milk, for those who prefer a strong tea flavor.

Jasmine Tea

The light version… Our Jasmine Tea gets its flavor from a mix of jasmine blossoms. The tea is very refreshing; its light taste and typical aroma makes it a real pleasure to drink. Due to its very low caffeine content it´s the perfect choice for kids!

Green Tea

The Power Drink… Best Oolong Green Tea. The tea contains caffeine and is very energizing. It has a slightly bitter taste but still provides a very refreshing flavor. 

Our Range of Jellies:

Rainbow Jelly               Strawberry Natate                   Lychee Natate                         Passion Fruit

                                   Green Apple Natate              Pineapple Natate.

Choose your Bubble Tea Flavor...