Meito´s History

“How a summer vacation in US, created  years of success”

The Meito Story started in 2009. One of our Founders, Ms. Lan Nguyen-To, became
obsessed with Bubble Tea during her Vacation in Los Angeles in Summer 2009. It was a great
experience for her and she felt in love with this delicious drink. Back in Germany, she started looking everywhere after Bubble Tea but it was nowhere to be found! The idea came up in her mind, to open a Bubble Tea Shoop in her Hometown Munich. She convinced her husband and started to work on her dream. For over a year, she spent every night in her small kitchen at home, searching for the perfect recipe. After she found it End of 2010, she dedicated all her time to let her dream comes true. Six month of hard work later, the first Meito – Your Bubble Tea Store opened his doors.

Following a fully-fledged rebranding operation in 2014; Meito has unveiled a whole new concept,
“the Meito Cafe & Lounge”.
The perfect place to meet; relax; chill and socialize! Meito lässt Sie lächeln!