Meito Café & Lounge, announced the “Smile”, its rebranded loyalty initiative, offering rewards and points across all our branches within the Bubble tea, Frozen Yogurt, food & Beverage, Coffee & Espresso, Tea & Desserts.
The new loyalty card, previously known as the Meito’s Family Club Card, is being introduced in a phased manner since mid-September across countries where Meito has a presence.

Meito Café & Lounge will embark upon a rigorous exercise of extending the “Smile” cards to the existing loyalty customer-base while aiming to add new members to the programme. As a first step towards the roll out of the rebranded loyalty initiative, existing members will receive welcome packs with introductory letters explaining the new benefits that “Smile” will entitle them to and their own “Smile” card.


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“Smile” has been re-launched successfully across Lebanon, Egypt and Germany, while early October will witness its first time launch in Oman. The rebranded customer loyalty programme will reach over 5 outlets in four countries and cover more than 1.5 million members.

We have enjoyed the overwhelming support of our customers on the basis of a relationship built over nearly four decades. Our loyalty plan will help customers maximize the value they receive with every purchase. “Smile” will offer our loyal customers the chance to earn and redeem benefits and shopping rewards across a wider array of Meito’s Branches. It is our way of supporting our customers for their loyalty.

Meito has always maintained a proactive approach towards retaining customers and we consider our loyal customers as our most significant shopper-base. On account of being ambassadors who graciously endorse our products and brands, they share a relationship with the brand.

As the company has grown and diversified its interests since the launch of our first loyalty programme, we have redesigned it to now offer a much wider array of benefits and rewards. With “Smile”, our loyalty programme members will enjoy a much more enticing set of offerings, with benefits across our retail, wellness, food & Beverage hospitality experience. “Smile” will surely be the region's largest and most rewarding customer loyalty programme.

Epitomising the programme, the rebranded “Smile” loyalty card elicits members to shop, dine or simply indulge, and find over a hundred ways to reward themselves.
A leader in the Middle East retail industry in food & beverage section with operations across 12 markets, Meito has successfully established its procurement might and offers high value for money to customers.

Check out how it works:

It’s Simple, it’s all about a “Smile”, collect "Smile's" through our 3 Types of “Smile” Loyalty cards: