We LOVE what we do!

Meito provides 100 % Guest Satisfaction to his Customers through:

  1. Highest quality of our products
  2. Very well trained and friendly staff
  3. Excellent service
  4. Familiar and friendly atmosphere
  5. CREATING unforgettable moments for our Clients!

Meito´s Mission
We take you away from everyday life into FUN; Meito lässt Sie lächeln!

Meito´s Vision

To establish Meito over the next 6 years as a well-known international brand for

high quality products and outstanding service!

It means being “THE BEST”, not necessarily “The Biggest”!, Being “THE BEST” will be measured by all those with a stake inside our Meito Family:

  1. - By our Customers – in terms of value, range and quality of service and products we provide.
  2. - By our Franchisees – in terms of profit and on-going support.
  3. - By our Staff Members (direct or indirect) – in terms of remuneration, conditions of work, training and employment opportunities.
  4. - By our Suppliers – in terms of fair and mutually profitable dealings and their willingness to develop their business with ours.
  5. - Our product Philosophy is the maintenance of a healthy market share at individual locations.
  6. - Our people Philosophy – staff, customers and suppliers – maintenance of honesty and integrity in all our dealings at a consistently high standard of business and conduct and ethics.
  7. - We have always thought that offering a reliable and trustworthy quality of service is the key to our operation and we have put this at the forefront of our thinking. All these aspects are top priority for us to achieve our goal.Type your paragraph here.